Mykonos Biennale - Video Graffiti

Offical Selections

 Energy Poster

dir. by Martin Gerigk

"EMBRACES & the touch of skin" Poster

"Embraces & The Touch Of Skin"
dir. by Sara Koppel

"The Garden of Waterlilies" Poster

"The Garden Of Waterlilies"
dir. by Sara Koppel

'21 Poster

dir. by Yannis Gazetopoulos

175 Rome Churches Poster

175 Rome Churches
dir. by Patrick Kelley

2.57k Poster

dir. by Eva Colmers

5:33 Poster

dir. by Lexi Bass

A quiet thriller Poster

A Quiet Thriller
dir. by Alessandra La Bella

A.I. made me do it: Ophelia Poster

A.I. Made Me Do It: Ophelia
dir. by Gioula Papadopoulou


dir. by Despina Economopulu

Acid Make-Out Poster

Acid Make-Out
dir. by Daniel Thorsteinsson

After the Storm Poster

After The Storm
dir. by Felix Tobin

Aquis Submesrus 2008 - 2014 Poster

Aquis Submesrus 2008 - 2014
dir. by Panos Charalampous

Block Attack Poster

Block Attack
dir. by William Spencer, Mark Spencer

Bones Poster

dir. by Anton Dushkin

Boundary Of Time Poster

Boundary Of Time
dir. by Kevin Lucero Less

dir. by Heath Hanlin

Breath Poster

dir. by Thomas Apostolou

Caution Wet Floor Poster

Caution Wet Floor
dir. by Mey Seifan

Closed to the Light Poster

Closed To The Light
dir. by Nicola Piovesan

Color Bars 1 Poster

Color Bars 1
dir. by Gregory Gutenko

Come Poster

dir. by Daniela Lucato

Come & Go 2 Poster

Come & Go 2
dir. by Elena Stamatogianni

Crisis Poster

dir. by Shiva Momtahan

D.E.U.S. Poster

dir. by Irida Polychroni, Panayiotis Lamprou


Dignity S.O.S.
dir. by Gilveranio Riaño Zamora

DIS- Poster

dir. by Fotini Charatsi

Darker Than Black Poster

Darker Than Black
dir. by Hassan Mokhtari

Demi-Goddesses Poster

dir. by Martin Gerigk

Dirty Whites Poster

Dirty Whites
dir. by Joseph Laguidice

Divine Comedy
dir. by Behnaz Zahmatkesh

Elusive Poster

dir. by Domenica Varvalouka

Escape Poster

dir. by Amr Singh

FFT Blasts Poster

Fft Blasts
dir. by Chloe Parre

Fight Poster

dir. by Maryam Shams

Flux Surreal Poster

Flux Surreal
dir. by Ebba Jahn

Flying women Poster

Flying Women
dir. by Gabriela Jung


dir. by Luis Luna Matiz

Gripes, Grudges, and Grace Poster

Gripes, Grudges, And Grace
dir. by Peter Kalisch

Hamadryad Poster

dir. by Nancy Allison, Paul Allman

Holiday Poster

dir. by André Shannon

Holiday colors Poster

Holiday Colors
dir. by Marco Cucurnia

Hostia! (Goddamn) Poster

Hostia! (Goddamn)
dir. by Alydia Catalina Wever

House of Light Poster

House Of Light
dir. by Warren Langford

I Was a Free Dog Poster

I Was A Free Dog
dir. by Yuula Benivolski

IIOII Poster

dir. by Rakel Jonsdottir

In the River's Flow Poster

In The River's Flow
dir. by Alexandria Searls

Invisible Sculpture_019 Poster

Invisible Sculpture_019
dir. by Capitana F

Katsikoland - Apathia Amalphia Poster

Katsikoland - Apathia Amalphia
dir. by Giorgos Vdokakis

King - Kong Poster

King - Kong
dir. by Theodoros Zafiropoulos

Kompong Khleang Floating Village Poster

Kompong Khleang Floating Village
dir. by Matthew Gibson

Light Divides the Square Poster

Light Divides The Square
dir. by Kimberly Burleigh

Light Sight Poster

Light Sight
dir. by Seyed M. Tabatabaei

Light Study Poster

Light Study
dir. by Josephine Massarella

Light of the Ocean Poster

Light Of The Ocean
dir. by Francisco Alvarado-Juarez

Lines of Touch Poster

Lines Of Touch
dir. by Paula Marien

Looking Glass- Distorted Poster

Looking Glass- Distorted
dir. by Harshini Karunaratne

Looking Glass- Fragmented Poster

Looking Glass- Fragmented
dir. by Harashini Karunaratne

Looking Glass- Unseen Poster

Looking Glass- Unseen
dir. by Harshini Karunaratne

Lost Aisles Poster

Lost Aisles
dir. by Aloni Yuli

Luna Deducere
dir. by George Gyparakis

Mtl Rush
dir. by Mathieu Guimond

Marmo (marble) Poster

Marmo (Marble)
dir. by Nancy Allison, Laura Boato

Mayrenik (Motherland) Poster

Mayrenik (Motherland)
dir. by Nvard Yerkanian

Merry-go-round on the street Poster

Merry-Go-Round On The Street
dir. by Jaeik Kim

Milky Way Poster

Milky Way
dir. by Costas Picadas

Mono Canne Poster

Mono Canne
dir. by Marcin Gizycki

Motus Poster

dir. by Nelson Fernandes

Mountain, Ghost, Sun, Umbrella Poster

Mountain, Ghost, Sun, Umbrella
dir. by I-Chun Chen

Nest Poster

dir. by Julien Serve

Night Ride from LA Poster

Night Ride From La
dir. by Martin Gerigk

Night for a lost one Poster

Night For A Lost One
dir. by Nenad Obrad Nedeljkov


dir. by Santiago Echeverry

On The Road
dir. by Olia Verriopoulou

Otonashi Poster

dir. by Martin Gerigk

Phases - Malaspina Poster

Phases - Malaspina
dir. by Ebba Jahn

Plow Plant Reap Poster

Plow Plant Reap
dir. by Marta Renzi

Pose Poster

dir. by Lindsey Johnson

Radicalized Poster

dir. by Jeannette Schwager

Rain Poster

dir. by Martin Gerigk

Rivanna River Diaries: The School Poster

Rivanna River Diaries: The School
dir. by Alexandria Searls

Room 404 Poster

Room 404
dir. by François Sibiude


Shesh Besh
dir. by Threeasfour

Scarecrow Poster

dir. by Liam Morgan,Top Tarasin

Sea of Problems Poster

Sea Of Problems
dir. by Dani Micóids

Sea of Stars  Poster

Sea Of Stars
dir. by Robin L. Bisio

Seven kinds of Satisfaction Poster

Seven Kinds Of Satisfaction
dir. by Armin Monfared

Shafiqa Poster

dir. by Haraka Platform

Simulakrum Poster

dir. by Vera Sebert

Smoke Poster

dir. by Daniela Lucato

Songs That Never Die Poster

Songs That Never Die
dir. by Marnie Weber

Stick No Bills Poster

Stick No Bills
dir. by Ebba Jahn

Stormchoir - Spawn of Erdenvolk Poster

Stormchoir - Spawn Of Erdenvolk
dir. by Matthew Gibson

dir. by Wilfred Jansen


The Words Hear The Light
dir. by Diego Fiori & Olga Pohankova

TUK (Tukuhnikivatz) Poster

Tuk (Tukuhnikivatz)
dir. by Maida Withers

The Blind Writer Poster

The Blind Writer
dir. by Georges Sifianos

The Earth is Not the World Poster

The Earth Is Not The World
dir. by Gio Lingao

The Light of Reason Poster

The Light Of Reason
dir. by Miguel Mariano

The Loop Poster

The Loop
dir. by Anna Bolińska

The Man Who Eats Flowers Poster

The Man Who Eats Flowers
dir. by Tampasouli Eirini

The Mind's Egg Poster

The Mind's Egg
dir. by Maria Korporal

The Naked Soul Poster

The Naked Soul
dir. by Krochmalny Syd

The Trembling Giant Poster

The Trembling Giant
dir. by Patrick Tarrant

The trips of the eye Poster

The Trips Of The Eye
dir. by Nirvana Paz

Thread Threat Poster

Thread Threat
dir. by Konstantina Sofokleous

Tilting At Windows
dir. by Katherine Liberovskaya

To find you Poster

To Find You
dir. by Chantal Paula Rosengurt

Toward the Flame Poster

Toward The Flame
dir. by Paul Turano

Trying to Remember Poster

Trying To Remember
dir. by Rani Deighe Crowe

Tv blues Poster

Tv Blues
dir. by Rhys Collier

UNI Poster

dir. by Agni Zotis

Urban Times Poster

Urban Times
dir. by Marina Petrie

dir. by Frank Perrin

When I was the moon Poster

When I Was The Moon
dir. by Gioula Papadopoulou

Wound Poster

dir. by Nima Valibeigi

Yes It Is Burning Me Poster

Yes It Is Burning Me
dir. by Fawn Rogers

adentro Poster

dir. by Gabriela Jung

En Pojke
dir. by Alkis Papastathopoulos

dir. by Theodoros Zafiropoulos

reforma Poster

dir. by Gabriela Jung

refreshing Poster

dir. by Christian Filek

self-portrait Poster

dir. by Nacho Recio

shadows of a radio in the east Poster

Shadows Of A Radio In The East
dir. by Nacho Recio

the politics of perception Poster

The Politics Of Perception
dir. by Kirk Tougas

vase Poster

dir. by Johannes Hugo Stoll

y2o {distille} Poster

Y2o {Distille}
dir. by Dominique T Skoltz

Ζωη Μου Σας Αγαπω Poster

Ζωη Μου Σας Αγαπω
dir. by Valinia Svoronou

ΦΩΣ ( LIGHT) upon Poseidon’s Temple Poster

Φωσ ( Light) Upon Poseidon’S Temple
dir. by Tassos Fytros, Manos Arvanitakis