175 Rome Churches Poster

175 Rome Churches

dir. by Patrick Kelley, Italy
runtime: 6 min
During a period of 11 months I walked and explored the city of Rome, visiting, documenting, and researching 175 churches from paleochristian to baroque. I was drawn to the inherent desire in classic church architecture - the focus, symmetry, and implied movement. Over time I found that I was making the same photograph in each space - aligning myself to the center axis, focusing on the apse of the church.From these collected images I assembled a layered animation in which all 175 churches are present throughout the sequence, with each space taking a turn to rise in clarity above the others. The resulting high-definition, seamless loop is a study of both uniqueness and similarity in what remains a peculiar architectural form.


Patrick Kelley
Patrick Kelley
Patrick Kelley
Patrick Kelley
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Patrick Kelley
Patrick Kelley


  • Athens International Film & Video Festival 04/2013
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