Mykonos Biennale Antidote

Video Graffiti

Official Film Selection

175 Rome Churches Poster

175 Rome Churches

dir. by Patrick Kelley, Italy
runtime: 6 min
During a period of 11 months I walked and explored the city of Rome, visiting, documenting, and researching 175 churches from paleochristian to baroque. I was drawn to the inherent desire in classic church architecture - the focus, symmetry, and implied movement. Over time I found that I was making the same photograph in each space - aligning myself to the center axis, focusing on the apse of the church.From these collected images I assembled a layered animation in which all 175 churches are present throughout the sequence, with each space taking a turn to rise in clarity above the others. The resulting high-definition, seamless loop is a study of both uniqueness and similarity in what remains a peculiar architectural form.
2.57k Poster


dir. by Eva Colmers, Canada
runtime: 15 min
From dust they arise, drawn together by a magic frequency.


dir. by Despina Economopulu, Greece
runtime: 7 min
Consuming Plastic it consumes us
Acid Make-Out Poster

Acid Make-Out

dir. by Daniel Thorsteinsson, Iceland
runtime: 21 min
Acid Make-Out is a one of a kind project where music, visuals and sound design are bound together. The short is worked frame by frame so each still is a artwork of its own. All the sounds in the movie (including all the sound design) are taken from the album “Acid Make-Out” by Icelandic electronic band Sometime. The story is based on the book “Sex, Drugs, Einstein & Elves by the American scientist Clifford A. Pickover which addresses parallel universes in the mind. The visuals and sounds are all combined into one unity to express the feelings and emotions of the main Character, played by upcoming Russian artist Sasha Kellerman. Although the writer/director is Icelandic the cast come from all over the world, including, U.K., Sweden, Israel, French, U.S.A., India, Australia, Russia, Spain, China & Iceland. The topic and collaboration are international.

After The Storm

dir. by Felix Tobin, USA
runtime: 7 min
This is a portrait of a storm and its aftermath, from the storm's point of view.
Block Attack Poster

Block Attack

dir. by William Spencer, Mark Spencer, USA
runtime: 10 min
Mitchell must fix his company's new video game, 'Blocks', overnight, in order to save the company from impending doom.


dir. by Heath Hanlin, USA
runtime: 6 min
Branches is an exploration of line, light, and sound: a moving drawing, a study in the relationship between order and chaos. Unsettlingly complex and entropic, yet deeply and abidingly orderly.
Breath Poster


dir. by Thomas Apostolou, Greece
runtime: 4 min
Breath, the click on the mortal's metronome. A pendulum of air with one end inside me and one outside. The great oxidizer of my insides. I never rest, I need to tick to be alive. As I tick I lose my focus. As I tick, I don't see objects at once, I take glances, as I tick, and, as I tick, compose them into the object I think I am seeing. This work is about the act of seeing as much as the act of recognizing. The object, a sculpture drawn from the rest of my practice never fully enters the field of view. It floats in negative space untethered but locked in place by the stare of the beholder. The focus ring was moved with the pace of my breathing. The viewer essentially takes the place of the artist breathing slowly over his creation.
Color Bars 1 Poster

Color Bars 1

dir. by Gregory Gutenko, USA
runtime: 6 min
Experimental video from 1984. The color bar reference signal is distorted by attacking the horizontal and vertical blanking sync timing signals using a time base corrector. This short video art piece was inspired by the 'color tuning guide channel' that American Cablevision included in its channel lineup in the 1980s. The odd thing about the 'color tuning guide', which was the typical NTSC color bar display, was that the average cable subscriber was not likely to know how the reference colors were supposed to look. Were any of them television broadcast engineers? So how would they know if the display they saw at home was correct? How useless! So here is my Color Bars 1, also known as 'your color tuning guide'. Diabolical!
Come & Go 2 Poster

Come & Go 2

dir. by Elena Stamatogianni, Greece
runtime: 6 min
At first reading act play Come & Go of Samuel Beckett first thoughts regarding the cycle of life, time, motion, stability, instability, lack of presence, the presence of absence of consciousness.Borrow three phrases questions from the text DOES SHE NOT REALIZE? HAS SHE NOT BEEN TOLD? DOES SHE NOT KNOW? Them in a circular arrangement giving the impression of motion, but also hush.Simultaneously played and delimit a space,make a reference to the Caryatids, beyond architectural monuments are temples and tombs of decoration, function and symbolically..Symbolize the castigation which was expressed through the beauty, ritual worship sample dances symbolize the emotional and higher level of life than that of instinct that works alternatively as potential cognition.Also guardians and protectors, stand there holding their own secrets.So as Caryatid live, not as sculpture, discusses the movement of the body relative to the cessation or thought that has petrified, making a circular motion obsessive something like castigation or ritual dance, recalling a denial and indifference as to the true meaning of time and situations, but simultaneously redefine the search for lost time, reconciliation and bond that occurs at the time that I am speaking here at the opening of the cycle, open to extension my hands and consciously completes cycle.To project is essentially a writing or recording of time and private or public space


dir. by Luis Luna Matiz, Colombia
runtime: 1 min
Gripes, Grudges, and Grace Poster

Gripes, Grudges, And Grace

dir. by Peter Kalisch, USA
runtime: 4 min
A glitch-art work describing one's progression from one point to another.


dir. by Nancy Allison, Paul Allman, USA
runtime: 9 min
A dancer, or perhaps a wood nymph, rehearses alone in a New York studio enchanting herself back into the forest that inspired her dance.
House of Light Poster

House Of Light

dir. by Warren Langford, Canada
runtime: 11 min
A middle-aged woman whose life falls apart. Everything she ever knew, loved or believed in is gone. In her darkest hour of confusion, mistrust and suicidal dreams, she finds a light through Hip Hop. Based on a true story.

Light Divides The Square

dir. by Kimberly Burleigh, USA
runtime: 5 min
This work follows in the tradition of experimental cinema and abstract animation. It features “rippling caustics,” or refracted light patterns, cast by a virtual fluid body created in a 3D animation program. To create the light compositions I used the organizing forces of a square format for the fluid body and invisible shape-shifting objects to perturb the fluid surface and initiate the ripples. The images in this animation are not achievable in reality. For me, what is significant is the twist of using “high technology” to simulate the use of lower forms of technology in creating abstractions – in this case, capturing light refractions created by fluid and light. My overriding intent is to create beautiful light patterns with a dark undertow of shadows.
Light Study Poster

Light Study

dir. by Josephine Massarella, Canada
runtime: 13 min
Light Study is a poetic examination of the wetlands, forests, and ecosystems of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere. Filmed over a three year period, it explores the unique landscape of the Bruce Trail using 16mm single frame photography. Here, nature presides over an ephemeral human element, its primordial essence both medium and agent of light's eternal change. Soundtrack composed by Graham Stewart, member of the experimental music collective Viosac.

Mtl Rush

dir. by Mathieu Guimond, Canada
runtime: 3 min
An impression of colors, textures, movements and rhythm on an explosive jazz.The whole thing is painted and scratched on 35mm film.
Mono Canne Poster

Mono Canne

dir. by Marcin Gizycki , Poland
runtime: 3 min
What do you get when you watch MONDO CANE on a broken TV? You get... MONO CANNE
Nest Poster


dir. by Julien Serve,
runtime: 1 min


dir. by Santiago Echeverry, Canada
runtime: 7 min
The visual component of the piece Orishas was created using custom code in Processing using a Kinect sensor and a webcam to transform the spatial, color and brightness information of choreographed dancers into a virtual three dimensional mathematical representation of their movements. 28000 images are then imported into a video editing software and treated as a still frame animation. The biggest challenge both in the choreography and the video making process was how to preserve the spirituality of the piece in such a logical setup. The solution was a collective leap of faith, embracing the limitations of the technology and approaching ritual repetitive gestures as the building blocks of a spiritual dance.
Plow Plant Reap Poster

Plow Plant Reap

dir. by Marta Renzi, United States
runtime: 13 min
With hints of Appalachian Spring and Amish custom, Plant Plow Reap is shot at the historic Miller Farm in Butler County, Pennsylvania and danced by eleven members of the Slippery Rock University dance department. An all-female community comes together, joins in a baptism and a roundelay, all against a majestic landscape of rolling farmland. Arriving and leaving like sun and shadow, Plant Plow Reap celebrates the joy and order that culminate in harvest. 

Shesh Besh

dir. by Threeasfour,
runtime: 3 min
Recognized as one of the most innovative fashion labels today, threeASFOUR was founded in New York City in 2005 by Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil, who hail from Lebanon, Tajikistan, and Israel, respectively. Having worked together since 1998 (under the label AsFour), the trio uses fashion to promote the need for human coexistence and collaboration, and fuses technology with traditional craftsmanship. The collective shows twice a year during New York Fashion Week and has collaborated with numerous artists and musicians, including Björk, Yoko Ono, and Matthew Barney. threeASFOUR’s designs are in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Palais Galliera in Paris.
Songs That Never Die Poster

Songs That Never Die

dir. by Marnie Weber, USA
runtime: 12 min
The first Spirit Girls film introduces the band of girl spirits who have died and come back to earth to put on a performance. The lead singer is indoctrinated into the band in this film. The audience is a large group of strange animals, people in animal costumes, who are the only ones that can see the girls.

The Words Hear The Light

dir. by Diego Fiori & Olga Pohankova, Austria
runtime: 18 min
“Quod est in speculo ut in subiecto.” According to medieval philosophers, being in a subject is an insubstantial way of being that does not exist in itself, this one is in something else. In this short film, the nature of the images is questioned, particularly the one of the reflected corpses in the mirror. What is their nature? How can a mirror with his two-dimensional character transliterate three-dimensional images? The essence of the image, visible on the mirror surface, is a continuous formation in absence of tangible substance. A tribute and at the same time a contestation of J. Cocteau.
TUK (Tukuhnikivatz) Poster

Tuk (Tukuhnikivatz)

dir. by Maida Withers, USA
runtime: 19 min
TUK is a stunning fusion of dance and the environment filmed in the spectacular wilderness lands of the Four Corners Area of the U. S. Southwest. TUK is an extraordinary journey of eight souls across the majestic landscapes primarily in Utah - five dancers, two filmmakers, and one photographer reveal their uplifting and challenging experience in this inspiring film by Maida Withers. The landscape photography is by world-class photographer Bruce Hucko. The breathtaking original music is by composer for film, Brent Michael Davids performed by his Blue Butterfly Group. The wide screen provides for the inclusion of two screens supporting each other with two enchanting perspectives - an unforgettable film experience.
Toward the Flame Poster

Toward The Flame

dir. by Paul Turano, United States
runtime: 6 min
Lighting up the morning sky a meteor detonated mid air over Chebarkul, Siberia on February 15, 2013. Existential shockwaves emanating from the explosion caused a momentary chaos, and catalyzed more desperate fears that it was perhaps signaling The End. The music in the work is by Russian Composer Scriabin who composed Vers da Flamme — Towards the Flame a few years after the Tunguska event – a devastating explosion from a runaway comet or asteroid, whose impact was equivalent to 10–15 megatons of TNT – had occurred in Siberia in 1908. Hypothetical, but compelling connections between these events inform this work.
Tv blues Poster

Tv Blues

dir. by Rhys Collier, New Zealand
runtime: 17 min
man crying inside a tv.
UNI Poster


dir. by Agni Zotis, USA
runtime: 2 min


dir. by Frank Perrin, France
runtime: 100 min
Abstract minimalist film on sea and skyline

En Pojke

dir. by Alkis Papastathopoulos, Greece, United Kingdom
runtime: 6 min
En pojke(a boy), deals with the privileges that become burdens. The privilege of being a creator. The privilege of being able to penetrate. The privilege of being a seeker/hunter. The video was an attempt to put myself in the most vulnerable place in order to see and accept my lack of importance. The imposed masculinity.
vase Poster


dir. by Johannes Hugo Stoll , Germany
runtime: 5 min
a simple white coloured vase rotates continously through the screen and never seems to stop.
y2o {distille} Poster

Y2o {Distille}

dir. by Dominique T Skoltz, Canada
runtime: 12 min
y2o {distilled} is a short version of the integral project y2o. y2o_ is a huis-clos, a collision between a man and a woman. Each of the scenes pummels emotional nodes, which are made and unmade by daily abrasions, observing the crossed polarities from which relentless loves are composed.