Come & Go 2 Poster

Come & Go 2

dir. by Elena Stamatogianni, Greece
runtime: 6 min
At first reading act play Come & Go of Samuel Beckett first thoughts regarding the cycle of life, time, motion, stability, instability, lack of presence, the presence of absence of consciousness.Borrow three phrases questions from the text DOES SHE NOT REALIZE? HAS SHE NOT BEEN TOLD? DOES SHE NOT KNOW? Them in a circular arrangement giving the impression of motion, but also hush.Simultaneously played and delimit a space,make a reference to the Caryatids, beyond architectural monuments are temples and tombs of decoration, function and symbolically..Symbolize the castigation which was expressed through the beauty, ritual worship sample dances symbolize the emotional and higher level of life than that of instinct that works alternatively as potential cognition.Also guardians and protectors, stand there holding their own secrets.So as Caryatid live, not as sculpture, discusses the movement of the body relative to the cessation or thought that has petrified, making a circular motion obsessive something like castigation or ritual dance, recalling a denial and indifference as to the true meaning of time and situations, but simultaneously redefine the search for lost time, reconciliation and bond that occurs at the time that I am speaking here at the opening of the cycle, open to extension my hands and consciously completes cycle.To project is essentially a writing or recording of time and private or public space


Mykonos Biennale 2015 - Film Festival -  Come & Go 2 - screen shot
Mykonos Biennale 2015 - Film Festival -  Come & Go 2 - screen shot
Mykonos Biennale 2015 - Film Festival -  Come & Go 2 - screen shot


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