Prison Poster


dir. by Ramazan Çardak, Turkey
runtime: 22 min
Hakan is a clean young man in his 20s. He works at a drug factory to take care of his injured mother when he was trying to protect himself at a young age. The director of the pharmaceutical factory is a dirty businessman selling banned chemicals. Hakan makes the delivery of the goods he sells, but Hakan knows nothing. One night, Hakan wakes up with police raids when he goes home with his package for delivery. The cops find the package first, then detain Hakan and take him to the police station. Hakan, who can't be justified on charges, is sentenced to imprisonment. In prison, the first person who gets raped and violent is the one who applies it. Is life going to give back what was taken from this monster that the system has created, or is it too late?


  • Çağdaş YILANCI
  • Candaş YILANCI
  • Mustafa Şen
  • Deniz Kayas
  • Hüseyin Eleman
  • Sevcan Sini
  • Fahrettin Esen
  • Ebru Bayam
  • Mehmet Özdemir


Ramazan Çardak
Ramazan Çardak Kutay Varlık
Ramazan Çardak Arif Bahadır Demir
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