Oval Room

dir. by Jeff Wyatt Wilson, USA
runtime: 4 min
screening: July 4th
Politically charged, witty, sexy... and raw, 'Oval Room' was officially released today by International runway model Gin Cooley. Gin recorded the song herself in rural west Tennessee with the most nominal equipment (yardsale electronics) on zero budget and no training. Indie Film director/DP Jeff Wyatt Wilson captured the authenticity of the song after visiting Gin in her rural hometown Paris Tennessee, where the song was originally recorded. Oval Room was written by Blaze Foley, an American singer/songwriter based out of Austin Texas. Foley initially wrote the song about Ronald Reagan, but Cooley's rendition takes a much broader approach. To Gin, the song speaks corporate America and the great monopolies of the western worlds as well as the obvious political scrutiny. Viewers can enjoy some infamous presidential bloopers while watching Gin perform in hopes of easing some tension in the upcoming presidential election.


  • Gin Cooley (Lead Actor)
  • Gin Cooley (Voice)


Jeff Wyatt Wilson
Jeff Wyatt Wilson
Jeff Wyatt Wilson
Jeff Wyatt Wilson