dir. by Victoria Trzeciak, Greece
runtime: 17 min
screening: July 2nd
Hercules is a boy with a problem in one of his eyes. People make fun of him and call him "Cyclops". He lives with his mother, and has never met his father. He meets Eftichis by chance who is also a "Cyclops". They wander around the city centre and by dawn both of them will have changed.


  • Ioanna Maria Gertsou - Girl at the Park with Guide Dog
  • Dimitris Maragakis - Hercules
  • Petros Mavromatidis - Guy passing through the park
  • Amazing Girl May - Guide dog
  • Manos Papadakis - Giant
  • Victoria Trzeciak - Mother
  • Nikos Tsagkarakis - Giant
  • Stratos Tzortzoglou - Eftichis
  • Dimitris Yiannakopoulos - Antique shop owner


Victoria Trzeciak
Lefteris Yiannakoudakis