Mykonos Biennale Orphic Mysteries


Official Film Selection



dir. by Vito Nicoletta, Italy
runtime: 10 min
ᴀ Fɪʟᴍ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴅʏɪɴɢ ᴠɪʟʟᴀɢᴇ. ᴛʜᴇ ᴠɪʟʟᴀɢᴇ ᴏf the Sɪʟᴇɴᴄᴇ. After 40 years, an emigrant returns to his village of origin and finds it empty and arid as if he were living the day after of a nuclear war. He then begins to run frantically through alleys and squares in search of relatives and friends that he had left but finds no one, only empty houses, wind and decay. After an anguished wandering, having reached the tomb of Calicola, he resigns himself to the fact that that place has died forever with the indifference of all, the indifference of the defeated.
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dir. by Mahmut Taş, Turkey
runtime: 5 min
A little girl lives in a village with her mother where water sources are dwindling by day. Drought effects her imagination, even her doodles and drawings. Not only people but the nature struggles with the unrelenting aridness. This little girl though, never loses hope. She tries to do as best she can, sacrificing from herself for her beloved nature.
Dancing With Rainbow Poster

Dancing With Rainbow

dir. by Hassan Mokhtari, Iran, Islamic Republic of
runtime: 6 min
"Woman, Life, Freedom" Wounds need healing while are accustomed to the wound you inflict every breath It treats like an ax on a doomed bud I suffer like a bud from an ax blow root me up! hand of a sledgehammer! accustomed to wounds is undoubtedly not a pleasure.
Elegy for a village Poster

Elegy For A Village

dir. by Weipeng Huang, China
runtime: 14 min
Weave a sentimental poem about time using fragments of true images about things in your hometown.
Hantush - a fairytale Poster

Hantush - A Fairytale

dir. by Alexia Tsouni, Greece
runtime: 7 min
When Israeli bulldozers arrived at her Bedouin village to demolish her home, 14-year-old Palestine refugee girl Salha called on her flying lamb Hantush to take her somewhere far away...
Kahour Poster


dir. by Amir Masoud Soheili, Iran, Islamic Republic of
runtime: 13 min
While searching for their village's identity in the poor border region of Iran, two teenage girls discover that cleanliness makes their village special.
Metropolis  Poster


dir. by Noomen Noomen, Tunisia
runtime: 18 min
Alexander moved from his rural town to the capital, then the city’s problems were embodied in his body and soul, so he sought refuge outside the city center to create a city special to his human and cosmic nature.
Suitcase Poster


dir. by Saman Hosseinpuor, Ako Zandkarimi, Iran, Islamic Republic of
runtime: 14 min
Far from his own homeland, a Kurdish refugee lives in his suitcase. In it he carries memories of his family. When someone steals the suitcase in the tumult of the foreign city center, he loses his home a second time.
The lost guide Poster

The Lost Guide

dir. by Elad Mukades, Israel
runtime: 4 min
When Gal, trying to find the group of tourists, for his first guide in the alleys of the Old City in Jerusalem - he had to deal with a higher than expected level of English; Internet reception problems; Passers-by who delay him, and above all - a difficult lack of orientation in navigation. The helplessness and the passing of time do not make the last phone call with Jackie, the representative of the group, to be particularly successful. 'The Lost Guide' is a comic-tragic sequence of obstacles that come in the way of someone who pretends to take on a role without proper training.
Traces of Rocco Poster

Traces Of Rocco

dir. by Marina Resta, Italy
runtime: 17 min
Traces of Rocco is a journey across the Basilicata of the past and of the present, in search of the iconographical and metaphorical traces of Rocco Scotellaro. Developed as part of Zavattini Prize 2018/2019, it's a documentary short-film that juxtaposes heterogeneous audiovisual materials, -archival and shot ad hoc with observational style- generating a short-circuit among the past and the present.
Ukraine's Soul - A Tribute to Heroes Poster

Ukraine's Soul - A Tribute To Heroes

dir. by Marcelle Abela, United States
runtime: 13 min
Short documentary about Ukrainian heroes and others who keep making music, in the harshest conditions, to lift people's spirits during the 2022 war with Russia. Shot on location in Ukraine, Poland, and Russia in four languages.
egg Poster


dir. by Lu Hu, China
runtime: 17 min
Summary of the Film This is a story about the five generations of the Huang clan's chicken farmers. The wolf dog of the village head always steals and eats the chicken of the farmer Lao Huang. Lao Huang had to go to the village head for a theory, but he was slandered and died in the field. Lao Huang’s son Huang Fucai became the owner of the chicken factory, and he introduced a large number of hybrid chickens in order to lice a better life, even going so far as to sell expired and poor quality products. In the blink of an eye, his grandson Huang Guoqiang returned (China) from abroad and founded a brand of green bamboo chicken, innovating breeding techniques through mountain forest stocking, real-time monitoring and live steaming to increase publicity and he became a famous "chicken king". However, his daughter Huang Xingxing was obsessed with feeding virtual pet chickens in a fairy-tale game world, abandoning the real world. Under the times’ tenor, each generation of little men has their own destiny . A few years later, how will the descendants of the Huang family start a new era of chicken farming, and how will they view the family's past?
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dir. by Durim Klaiqi, Kosovo
runtime: 6 min
In a fictional future, humanity is no longer a biological being. The new (digital) world is lived in the The Collective Memory. This new world is built on previous human memories, where every memory can be shared with each other. The ProBio movement threatens the stability of this new world. The old world is left behind untouched.