Mykonos Biennale Orphic Mysteries

Dramatic Nights

Official Film Selection



dir. by Manolis Klonaris, Greece
runtime: 10 min
In the near future, Petros Hardamis will apply for a suicide permit. We all have the right to live, but to die?
Arm Wrestler Poster

Arm Wrestler

dir. by Photini Economopoulou, Greece
runtime: 22 min
The everyday routine of an arm wrestler who lives at Greek country side.
Aydan and Evan Poster

Aydan And Evan

dir. by Elizabeth Cassidy, United Kingdom
runtime: 18 min
After a romantic chance encounter, Aydan tries to unravel his feelings for Evan as he obsessively recalls his memories of the night they met.
Blaise Poster


dir. by Jason Boussioux, France
runtime: 15 min
Paris by night, a taximan - former jazz saxophonist - drives a young woman to the place which appeared to her in a dream because she believes something very important will happen there.
Blood and Flowers Poster

Blood And Flowers

dir. by Sabina, Poland
runtime: 19 min
Once upon a time there was a Girl that had enough. So she decided to kill everyone she knew and go on a journey of self-discovery with a ghost of her beloved dog.
Brena Poster


dir. by Krystian Kornel, Not Specified
runtime: 4 min
BRENA - Potash x Szurbo Official Music Video
Burial Poster


dir. by Jerzy Czachowski, Poland
runtime: 15 min
Poland today - after the publication of the near total abortion ban regulations. A man and a woman bury a chest on the random field. Meanwhile, the owner of the plot calls the police. The couple is being accused of commiting a crime. As it turns out the chest hides a different secret than the police and the plot's owner suspected. Will the painful confrontation with the emotions and the loss, in addition to the life-changing news be the end or the beginning of a new relationship between the couple?

Dark Mode

dir. by Jackson Griffin, United States
runtime: 20 min
The black houses spreading through August's neighborhood lead him into Danny's world of conspiracy.
Exit Federico Poster

Exit Federico

dir. by Mit Jarouble, Hugues Beauregard, Switzerland
runtime: 13 min
Federico is a young alter-globalist fighting against agro-industrial corporations. Everything changes in his life as Robbercall – one of these big corporations – opens him up a job opportunity.
Fatih the Conqueror Poster

Fatih The Conqueror

dir. by Onur Yagiz, Turkey
runtime: 15 min
This Saturday is a Turkish wedding day at Espace Venise (France). Huddled in a car in the parling lot, Fatih, 21, wants to get married. He has set his sights on Ipek, Recep’s sister. But neither Murat, his best friend, nor Recep, nor even Ipek are aware of this yet.
Fermata Poster


dir. by Preston Bowe, United States
runtime: 5 min
A struggling pianist makes a peculiar discovery.
Fossil Tree Poster

Fossil Tree

dir. by Fotis Giarentis, Greece
runtime: 11 min
A hitman named Nikos encounters a person from his past in order to settle things over an old agreement .
If I Knew Poster

If I Knew

dir. by Piro Gjylameti, Greece
runtime: 15 min
A man, suffering from a psychiatric disorder, tries to understand what exactly is going on in his difficult life.


dir. by Jean-Baptiste Coursault, France
runtime: 3 min
Iris, in her spaceship, approaches the MEDEIA space station after receiving a message from it. But what will she find inside?
On/Off Poster


dir. by Jurg Slabbert, South Africa
runtime: 18 min
An Afrikaans-speaking man helps his elderly German neighbour in a time of need, despite a language barrier. In the process, he learns volumes about himself.
Parallax Poster


dir. by Nicolas Benoit, France
runtime: 11 min
A young woman turns a drone pilot's world upside down when they meet in a movie theater, forcing him to question everything he thought he knew about himself and his personal goals.

Strange World

dir. by Eugenia Llaguno, Mexico
runtime: 19 min
A prostitute who does not know love discovers it in a night with a suicidal man
Salvation Poster


dir. by Zane, Canada
runtime: 3 min
A man drives aimlessly questioning his life only to discover that the answers he is looking for have been with him all along.
The Silent Garden Poster

The Silent Garden

dir. by Jonathan Onsuwan Johnson, United States
runtime: 3 min
A child reads Edith Södergran’s “The Great Garden”, while moving image and sound wash over the words. A space is created to imagine beginnings and meditate on the potential of innocence and finding one's place.
The Summers of your Winter Poster

The Summers Of Your Winter

dir. by Nei Loya, Spain
runtime: 18 min
Sara, a teenager who has suffered from her mother's deep depression and her constant suicide attempts since she was a child, receives the opportunity to travel to the past and experience first-hand with her, the moments that marked her and made her what she is now.
si mai no ens haguéssim separat Poster

Si Mai No Ens Haguéssim Separat

dir. by Marc Esquirol Cano, Spain
runtime: 14 min
Manel and Judit travel to the snow after leaving it a few months ago. We have english and spanish subtitles.