Mykonos Biennale Orphic Mysteries


Official Film Selection

AuterSight Poster


dir. by Bernadett Nadin Csépke, Hungary
runtime: 10 min
An autistic person is trying to explain the reason for her otherness to her younger self. We learn how she sees the world, and how the world sees her.
Bad Joke all Poster

Bad Joke All

dir. by Alexandra Dzhiganskaya, Ukraine
runtime: 2 min
A series of short absurd stories about relationships
Cadim Poster


dir. by Luiza Pugliesi Villaça, Brazil
runtime: 6 min
Cadim tells the story of Seu Zé, a man who is looking for a land for his livelihood followed by Chico, a bird trapped in a fragile cage. He manages to grow an orchard and build a hut to shelter himself by setting on a healthy land free from landowners, unlike the many he passed through. One day, a fuit falls into the cage and breaks it, allowing Chico to escape, which doesn't fly very far because it is shot in it's paw. The shots came from farmers who were trying to expel Seu Zé. He manages to escape with the cage, but not noticing Chico's absence. He breaks down in tears lamenting his situation after fleeing the men. He takes an old torn family photo, in which he sees his wife and daughter, with Chico leaning on her arm. Once he notices the animal's absence, he goes on a search for the bird. He runs back and finds it lying on the road. With a makeshift bandage, the bird is able to heal itself enough to fly out of the broken cage. Seu Zé prepares to say goodbye, since the cage can no longer be useful. When the flight finally takes place, Chico ends up returning to the man, but now flying free besides him.

Domio Instano Extendido

dir. by Gugun Arief, Indonesia
runtime: 12 min
On a planet called Mawasino, in the Land of Wakuwaku country, Caping Montanus, a senior in an instant noodle cult persecutes Disastrus, a man who commits blasphemy. Caping Montanus lost his faith after eating the forbidden noodles offered by Disastrus. So Jenggoto Saktanus, the leader of the cult went to punish Caping Montanus. After escaping from Jenggoto Saktanus, he meets Dewa All-Universal Instant Noodles who enlightens him about the true taste of MSG.
Line Poster


dir. by Fardin Zarei, Dler Malaki, Iran, Islamic Republic of
runtime: 5 min
Love Poster


dir. by Fardin Zarei, Iran, Islamic Republic of
runtime: 1 min
All our life and the way to our happiness is love. Love is the only happy way

Muscle Hearts

dir. by Juho Maurinen, Santeri Laasanen, Finland
runtime: 6 min
Planet Muscleion and it's beefcake inhabitants are in danger because of a threat from outer space, but the real threat is much closer: low self-esteem of a beloved friend.
Memories in the Clouds Poster

Memories In The Clouds

dir. by Kristina Laine, Albert Aleksanteri Laine, Finland
runtime: 8 min
"Memories in the Clouds" visualizes Kristina (Žičkutė) Laine’s childhood memories in Soviet Lithuania. Thoughts blend with moods in a painterly experimental film, written in a structured form of a poetic narration. The film brings forth Kristina's worldview as a child, during the vast socio-political changes of the collapsing Soviet Union. The film is based on a combination of timelapse videos of a summer sky, shot in Lithuania and volumetric 3D simulation. The film utilizes modern AI algorithms as animators to visualize the narrated features to the moving clouds.
Night Out Poster

Night Out

dir. by Helena Coelho, Rebeca Nigri, Brazil
runtime: 3 min
On a Saturday evening full of expectation, Ju gets ready for a night out with friends. But for someone like her, a weekend evening is not as peaceful as it seems.
Pink Mountain Poster

Pink Mountain

dir. by Thomas Kunstler, Greece
runtime: 9 min
What can a humble florist in love do to win the heart of a Pasha's bride? An ancient Ottoman fairy tale tells the story of a forbidden love, made of patience, silence and the help of a heron.
Politics Poster


dir. by Fardinzarei, Iran, Islamic Republic of
runtime: 2 min
The story is a series of eggs that one person as a leader wants to give way to
Rotting Love Poster

Rotting Love

dir. by Lampros Kordolaimis, Greece
runtime: 8 min
Eleanor and Sarah are an eighteenth-century couple situated in Antilia. They live isolated in the forest, but soon the outside world will take notice of them.
Swaddle Poster


dir. by Pepi Eirew, United States
runtime: 5 min
A young girl finds family from an ancestry website and travels to meet them. A quirky take on the very real joys and pitfalls of DNA disclosure. Directed, Written and Animated by Pepi Eirew (@pepiandthecreatures) 
Music by Gabe Le Neveu
 Voice Acting by Claire Seckler and Pepi Eirew Pepi Eirew's thesis film at CalArts.
The First Gardener Poster

The First Gardener

dir. by Jan Čapar, Germany
runtime: 20 min
- The search for food and shelter of a lonely girl in a dystopian and broken world quickly turns into a journey of self-discovery and transformation as she notices that she is part of the unwelcoming world she struggles with. - A lonely girl runs away from her unloving home and begins her search for food and shelter in an unwelcoming and dystopian world. During her search she faces nothing but rejection and indifference from its self-centered inhabitants which live isolated from each other. In her fearful interactions with the world she realizes that she is part of the problem and that in order to connect she has to overcome her own fears to be able to open up her heart and give the world that which she herself seeks. (This is a student film.)
The Vending Machine Poster

The Vending Machine

dir. by Caio Megrew Silva, Brazil
runtime: 1 min
The misadventures of using a vending machine.
Zadig/Človek Poster


dir. by Andrea Pátková, Adam Čurko, Viktoria Voržáčková, Slovakia
runtime: 5 min
An animated video clip for Jazz song called Človek for Peter Lipa and David Rotter. The animated video clip is journey of an alcoholic tourist in Egypt , who is trying to runaway from his fate. The story is inspired by a folk tale based on quote from The Old testament saying “God created heaven and Earth”. Therefore hell must be place on Earth and it is upon us how we shape our path. Our main hero ends up in the same place as he was running from , but it is clearly darker and sinister…